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  • Your name: SakiKavasaki

    Name of admin(staff): red3star?s

    Date and time: 6/12/2023 | 01:00-01:20

    Reason of complaint: Gag for no reason + Cussing.

    Proof (screenshot or demo): Screenshot 1 - Please login to see this link. | Screenshot 2 - Please login to see this link.

    A little explanation of the situation: By accident I bhopped 2 times. The admin slapped me that I respectufully deserved. After that I was being kind the most as I can and apologised to the administrator. He told me to read the rules. I told him that he should learn to think & use logic because of the sentace I've said before. It was obvius that I've readed the rules. The administrator gave me a 5 minutes GAG for insult. After that I was kinda shocked that I got muted because that's not insulting of an person, It's insulting of his ego. Right after the gag I got told to "gtfo" (Get the f6ck out). My personal choice is that admin should punish everyone for their mistakes, but shouldn't make the same by himself. As I know cussing is not allowed? Onice I say wtf and I got gagged. I'm at position that I can only look at this administartor cuss without having any rights to do anything about it. Please take this report the right way. Thanks for reading!

    BBC Productions & Bang Bros Manager.

    • Official Post

    re3star?s did not have any reason to gag you. Simply telling an admin to use logic is not arguing. We consider arguing with staff as repeatedly talking about the incident without stopping. I have been told that by different people it is normal for people to say a couple of words after being punished but continuous argument = gag, which was not the case here. Also the player did not cuss, and was apologetic by his mistake. Your gag was not even recorded by re3star, and was not edited in the gaglist by him. You did not deserve to be gagged. As for re3star, he will get a 5 min gag for saying "gtfo" (<2023.06.12 - 02:18:33>Please login to see this link. : gtfo out then  
    Sorry for the inconvenience this caused. Hopefully, It won't happen again.

    Super Mod r3star will get a 5 min gag

    Although I will let Cohlestic decide whether to warn him or not, or close the report

  • Hello.

    Thanks for your answer.

    I most likely don't like other people to be punished because of me.

    Today I went to my prom and I had a great time.

    Then I came home and my day got ruined a bit.

    I'm suggesting a biggest punish possible.

    Thanks again!

    BBC Productions & Bang Bros Manager.

  • Cohlestic June 12, 2023 at 1:35 AM

    Closed the thread.
  • Cohlestic June 12, 2023 at 1:35 AM

    Added the Label Solved

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