Banned by soul revenge

  • Nick: soul revenge

    nick applicant: DZ VINNY 4444

    reason: see down below

    proof: see down below

    HE was demoted by me to normale player because reconnecting always when he was first zombie. (not fair for every humans)


    [ZM.CsoMod.Com] You have bought 1 times Shock gr. for round (Maximum: 3)

    soul revenge (RADIO): Fire in the hole!

    [Level:51] Sasu : ye i see you using tesla

    [Level:51] *DEAD* DZ VINNY 4444 : AND FUCKIN SOUL

    [ZP] Ability [Shot] is ready | Press [Mouse2] for use

    [Level:119] Kaneki : not me

    [Level:119] Kaneki : lol

    [CSO] We need admins! At least 30 hours the Academy is open you can apply on the forum Have fun!

    ] amx_banmenu

    [Level:14] ELMLEGY.NUMBER.1 : HH

    [ZM.CsoMod.Com] You VIP Player, You get: 2638 $

    [Level:51] Sasu : ?

    [VIP] To open VIP Menu Press М-7

    DZ VINNY 4444 has left the game

    [GOLD] To open GOLD Menu Press М-8

    ** love was switched to low game rates due to high ping


    [Level:21] CS-CLAN-RS : kid

    ADMIN soul revenge: ban DZ VINNY 4444 permanently

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