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    Video Demo :

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    Setting for gun :

    #define deathMSG //Death Message

    #define Icon //Left Icon

    new const Laser_Sounds[] = { "weapons/ethereal_shoot1.wav" } //Laser mode fire sound

    new const Electro_Sounds[]= { "weapons/ethereal_shoot1.wav" } //Electro mode fire sound

    new ethereal_V_MODEL[64] = "models/sh/v_ethereal_shus.mdl" //v_model

    new ethereal_P_MODEL[64] = "models/sh/p_ethereal.mdl" //p_model

    new ethereal_W_MODEL[64] = "models/sh/w_ethereal.mdl" //w_model

    /*Laser Ethereal Mode: Color Settings */

    //Laser Ethereal Icon Colors

    #define l_ethereal_i_r 0 //R

    #define l_ethereal_i_g 0 //G

    #define l_ethereal_i_b 200 //B

    //Laser Ethereal Line Colors

    #define l_ethereal_l_r 0 //RZ

    #define l_ethereal_l_g 0 //G

    #define l_ethereal_l_b 200 //B

    /* Ethereal Electro Mode Settings */

    //Electro Ethereal Icon Colors

    #define e_ethereal_i_r 0 //R

    #define e_ethereal_i_g 200 //G

    #define e_ethereal_i_b 200 //B

    //Electro Ethereal Line Colors

    #define e_ethereal_l_r 0 //R

    #define e_ethereal_l_g 200 //G

    #define e_ethereal_l_b 200 //B

    //Electro Ethereal Line Size

    #define e_ethereal_ls_min 0 //Min size

    #define e_ethereal_ls_max 30 //Max size


    //#define electro_fire_hole //Electro Hole Effect |

    //#define electro_fire_smoke //Electro Smode Effect

    //Laser Mode Config

    cvar_dmg_ethereal_laser = register_cvar("eth_laser_dmg", "1.24")

    cvar_spd_ethereal_laser = register_cvar("eth_laser_attack_spd", "1.24")

    cvar_recoil_ethereal_laser = register_cvar("eth_laser_recoil", "0.03")

    //Electro Mode Config

    cvar_dmg_ethereal_electro = register_cvar("eth_electro_dmg", "0.87")

    cvar_spd_ethereal_electro = register_cvar("eth_electro_attack_spd", "0.25")

    cvar_recoil_ethereal_electro = register_cvar("eth_laser_recoil", "0.17")

    cvar_clip_ethereal= register_cvar("ethereal_clip", "50") //Max Clip

    cvar_ethereal_ammo = register_cvar("ethereal_ammo", "250") //Max Ammo

    Weapon Features:

    Has its own MuzzleFlash

    Colorful tracing

    2 Attack modes

    Dynamic icon "On the Left"

    Link to download : Please login to see this link.

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