Helper Report!

    • Your name: jFF X Dionisie
    • Name of helper (staff): Kaneki
    • Date and time: 14.04.2021 bettween 15:30-16:00
    • Reason of complaint: He just gag me for an bad reason when I said to a guy to chill out and "shut up" not "stfup" and he make a big mistake to help his friend and make his own rules, i don't like his comportament, its so rude with some peoples, you don't deserve helper because you help only your friends dude! I'm waiting you're proof for the reason why you gaged me, have a good day.
    • Proof (screenshot or demo): Please login to see this link.
  • Please login to see this link.Please login to see this link.

    So, i've read the chatlogs and you're reporting, for what exacly?
    You called him a kiddo and told him to shup up, okay. Then you got gagged 5Min, and SHIZUKA ungagged you right after.

    So i don't know who you reporting, the fact you got gagged after calling him a kiddo and to shut up, OR that shizuka ungagged you right after and you started arguing with kaneki.

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