[CSO] Report DZ VINNY 4444

  • Nick: DZ VINNY 4444
    Nick applicant: Kaneki
    Reason: Abusing helper commands.
    Proof (mandatory): Please login to see this link. (1. Making a player spectate then transfer him back, for no reason, and he didn't respond to me.) (2. Him kicking first zombie from the server.) (3. Him making himself spectate for no reason.)

    I made this report because, I don't want any of this mistakes to happen, for those who don't know english(just a little good) they shouldn't be helper or any staff member on this server (my opinion, maybe yours is different).

    GOD ZM.CSOMOD.COM / Please login to see this link.

    Please login to see this link.

    Edited once, last by Kaneki ().

  • روح نيك مك لقحبة ونيك سوا لي جابتك لدنيا هاذي ياولد الزامل

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