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    Pokémon GO is a location-based augmented reality video game developed by Niantic12 for iOS and Android devices. It is a free video game but contains microtransactions.3 The game consists of finding and capturing characters from the Pokémon saga hidden in real-world locations and fighting with them, which involves physically moving through the streets of the city to progress. The application involves an element of social interaction, since it promotes physical meetings of users in different locations of their towns and forests, among others.

    Game mode

    The video game requires the player to walk the streets of his city to discover all kinds of Pokémon, whose different species appear depending on the area visited. The streets of the real world are represented in Pokémon GO in the form of a map, which shows the place where the player is. In addition, the Pokémon GO maps integrate different Pokestops that allow you to visit museums, artistic installations, monuments and historical places, etc.4

    It uses augmented reality and according to the original concept, trainers will be able to capture Pokémon until they complete a collection. Another goal is to train them to win battles against others. Using the phone's GPS, the app will notify you with a vibration and a flashing light when the user is near a Pokémon.5 It also makes use of currencies called pokemonedas, which can be exchanged for cosmetic and utility items. 6

    When the Pokémon player or trainer turns on their phone's camera, they may be met with a virtual image of a Pokémon, superimposed over the actual scene behind the lens. To capture the creatures, pokeballs are used. This is one of the characteristics for which the game is considered to be based on augmented reality, since it allows you to see reality mixed with fictional elements through a smartphone.5

    Pokémon gyms are usually located in places accessible to Pokémon GO players.


    On the main screen the map of the place where the player is located is shown, where streets, squares and reflecting pools can be distinguished, the place where the player is located is represented by an avatar, which can be male or female , customizable in the store, accompanied by the Pokémon assigned as a partner if previously fed. Nearby PokéStops and Gyms will also appear, as well as various wild Pokémon that can be caught.

    In addition there are 5 menus:

    The user profile menu, where the achievements and statistics will be, the list of friends (with whom you can exchange pokémon, send and receive gifts, or fight) and the possibility of customizing the avatar. Next to the profile menu appears the companion menu, which will allow you to assign a companion pokémon, see its statistics and feed and take care of it to gain friendship and achieve more candies or mega energy when you walk next to it.

    The central menu which is divided into:

    Pokédex: Where the pokémon sighted and captured are registered, with descriptions of each one.

    Pokémon: Where all the captured Pokémon are, where you can check their statistics, modify their attacks and level, evolve or mega evolve them, or send them to the laboratory (with no possibility of making them return). Also in another section, there are accumulated pokémon eggs, which can be incubated, hatching as the distance walked.

    Shop: where with the pokécoins you can get the different game items, elements to customize the avatar, or buy pokecoins with real money.

    Bag: where the collected or purchased items are stored until they are used.

    Fight: Here you can fight against other users in three leagues depending on the PC (combat points) of each Pokémon (sub 1500, sub 2500 or without limit), in addition to participating in special event leagues.

    Game news and settings.

    The proximity menu, which indicates which Pokémon are in the vicinity of the user and the closest raids. In case the nearby pokemon has not been sighted yet, only its silhouette will be seen.

    The research menu, where you can see three types of research: Daily, Special and Events. The investigations are completed by making the requirements that they ask for, giving items and pokémon as rewards.

    The weather menu, which matches the weather in the real world, indicating which types of Pokémon will benefit.

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