Memories since 2012 - (today)🙂

  • - Hi!

    •I don't know where to start 😅

    •I decided to open this topic to share ower memories when we played or still playing this game🙂

    • Any photos or videos or story are super amazing! My story ( I don't have any photos or videos 😅)

    •I remember since 2012 this mode was made by a Romania guy ore someone else I don't remember because was long time ago, I remember the best gun was water gun and ATC4(bazooka)?

    •When I was a kid I was playing with one 1 gun I really like(was dual barrel) it it was like for me (man I need shotgun gun is op that water gun is trash, how needs that anyway 😹😅)I was waiting like a mouse for free kills to gain free xp from vip or higher levels, I remember I got ban for 30 minutes because I managed to steal soo many kills 😭🥹😹 ✓


    •I remember when water gun was leaving random numbers on the walls.

    • I remember when owner or co-owner playing on the game with different names because almost everyone was asking for boss zombies even higher admin on amx_say or private 😂✓

    •I remember when owner ban 6 people (7days ban)because they asked him for boss 😂 Since 2015-(2017?)✓

    •I remember when I come back to play the game again the maximum level was 101✓

    •I keep asking Carbon to reset the levels from everyone so I can be the most "coolest" person with higher level (because when I was a kid ... everyday I played like 9-13 hours a I was feeling like an omelette next day 😦🤣✓

    •I remember when I tried to boost the server but I done it wrong 7 times losing real money $😦😭🥹😂✓

    •I remember when ( old friend ) moja_kija_bas_van_prija banned me for 1 day "take a brake" to be honest I cried because I wanted to play every single day on the server my old names was ( *Or!g!nA* , Pabluson, KillerGuy, IonutZz)✓

    •I remember when Carbon was adding the new gun "Milakor" but all the time I was saying "Milkor" because my English was 0% 😂 Now I have no idea what's happening on the server but I hope soon to join (I don't have pc or laptop....I have ONLY my phone...last time I played was on 2018 😅

    •Guy's I hope you can share some old memories you have for us because in one day you can come back to see how happy you was playing this game😄 ✓

    •Oh yhea and more think, what's your Nickname is coming from? My one was coming from an old YouTuber when Minecraft was extremely popular....😅(never, ever I played Minecraft even today)

    ✓Counter Strike 1.6 will have a special place on my heart always ❤️

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