about new weapon bug and other important things

  • as soon i joined the server i respawned as a zombie and i died in less than 2 secondes by jFF Dio and then i /spec and seen he is using the bug when he fires the explosive thing from the new weapon and then change to saw to make 5k damage then i warned him if he use it ill slay him and he used it and then i slayed him for bug abuse and normal people we're so happy i took action so here's my suggest about this weapon which is to remove it because this Bug cant be fixed even if reduced damage the bug will remain and without saying names alot of players hated me because i did the right thing

    and please neccesarly remove the new weapon because it gave very unfair expereince to alot of players and if the server wants some guns to be added please tell me because i know alot of guns that isn't bugged and doesnt give unfair play with the perfect damage adjusted

    here is the demo : https://www18.zippyshare.com/v/PGrZqZfh/file.html ( how to watch the demo , copy the file then paste it in cstrike folder in your counter strike then open the game and type in console playdemo BUGPROOF and it will start)

    and also there's some staff members didnt take action when he used the bug and others defending him.

    and im saying thanks so much to m4m3tss for helping me.

  • yes removed it already.

  • Carbon

    Closed the thread.

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