helper request

    • Nickname: Allosson18(arian)
    • Age: 18
    • Country: iran
    • How much time you can spend in the server ( per day - average ) : 3h to 5h on one day
    • Link of hours you played on server on link (minimum 90h): Please login to see this link.
    • Can you speak English? yes very good
    • Reason that you want to be Helper: well i have good behavior and i can help new players and i can play so much and help server :)
    • i have a exp i was a admin in other server
  • I will accept you. Keep your daily activity good and dont forget to vote server daily ;

    Send me your password (setinfo) with PM so i can add your Helper access.

    Please login to see this link.Please login to see this link.

  • Carbon

    Closed the thread.

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