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    • Nick: xander
    • Nick applicant: BAD GIRL *_* / Covid-19
    • Reason: She was talking to Covid-19 and I said did he talk to me and then he ban
    • Proof (mandatory):

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  • soul revenge

    but your reason isnt from ban rules


    Permanent bans are given for players:

    - who use any kind of CS hack ( wall, aim, speed etc.)

    - ads on other servers , websites or forums (Only if they advertise on chat, player's with advertising names they will not be touched).

    Ban for 120 minutes are given for players:

    - Retry after received gag, followed by more abuse in chat. (120 minute)

    - Insulting admin or player mother, sister, or insulting god or religions, or attempting to start racist topics (120 minutes)

    - Retry Zombie if the zombie was the only Zombie, First one or The last one (120 minutes)

    - If a player steals ammo from other names, it will be permanently banned!(CHECK IP!)

    Basic rules for players and administration of the server:

    - It is forbidden to use any kind of cfg (script). bunny hop script,no recoil...

    - It is forbidden to swear! (including adminchat).

    - It is forbidden to ask for explanations of a admin if he didnt use any comand on you.

    - It is forbidden to ask mods from owners.

    Basic rules for administration:

    - It is forbidden to abuse amx_vote for personal entertainment .

    - It is forbidden to change the map during the night program (23:00 - 10:00)

    - It is forbidden to use the command votemap if you have not reached an agreement with the other admins present on the server.

    - It is forbidden to use the command slap,slay,kick,freeze just to benefit your situation in the game.

    - You are allowed to use 5 advantages a day (human,respawn,zm)

    - You are not allowed to use commands (slap, slay, freeze, kick, change nick or ban) in jokes on other admins, except slay if they violate rules in ways, who does not respect remove.

    - If you are accepted as admin,you must create a ban-list in the right section,following the model!

    - Admins who will ask for upgrade will be punished by downgrade, upgrades are given by activity.

    - Dont use commandes on other admins in joke, except if the admin in cause break the rules in survivor mod.

    - You are allowed to give yourself 1 mod from admin menu and 1 mod given to a random player.


    1. The game is free within the limits of common sense.

    2. Zombie: main objective: Zombie are forced to attack, not allowed to sit, to be killed by another player for money.

    3. People: main objective: People are forced to eliminate all zombies.

    4. Do not ask abusively: bazooka, minigun, money, chainsaw etc.

    5. Do not ask abusively: game modes, Survivor, nemesis, human, etc.

    6. Never forget just co-owner´s and owner´s can use commands on other admin.

  • Hello tomorrowland

    - Insulting admin or player mother, sister, or insulting god or religions, or attempting to start racist topics (120 minutes) reason he got 10-20 mins ban because most of players spamming why they did get banned for so long, or they dont even understand.

    - It is forbidden to swear! (including adminchat).

    i hope you did read the rules, otherwise you could be demoted?

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