[CSO] Youtuber rules

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  • What do you guys think about this rules. 18

    1. Normale players/staffs has rules, why not youtubers > Rules keeps the server alive! (13) 72%
    2. No rules needed for youtubers! (5) 28%

    Hello everyone.

    As the title says it, its a youtube rules topic.

    We decided to change something for youtubers, since everyone wants to be a youtuber.

    1. There is no life time boss prefixs any more for youtubers.

    2. You can only get once in a week boss prefixs ( 200 subs needed) for 3 days!

    3. If you want boss prefix for 3 days you need to post 1 video in a week (more then 1 wont give you extra days) , you can send the link to: SwiTzeX  [DS]Tern  soul revenge

    Before you will start with recording you can ask a owner for boss prefixs, if we notice you are abusing it, you will receive a ban for 1 week.

    4. When you have VIP or VIP+GOLD those are for lifetime till you stop recording the server ( this can be changed at anytime ).

    5. 75 subscribers (125+ views) = Vip. 125 subscribers (200+ views) = vip + Gold. 325 subscribers (500+ views) = vip+gold+boss ( boss is only for 3 days for each video you post every week )

    6. As a youtuber you have to post as last in 2 weeks 1 video of our server, otherwise you will be removed as youtuber.

    7. There will be models created where you can request youtuber.

    8. When you`ve been removed as youtuber you can make another request after 1 month.

    9. If you make a Youtuber request, answer the question "Did you read Youtuber rules?" with "YT CSOMOD".

  • soul revenge

    Changed the title of the thread from “[CSO] Youtube rules” to “[CSO] Youtuber rules”.

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