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There are 10 replies in this Thread which was already clicked 840 times. The last Post () by soul revenge.

    • Nick: xander
    • Nick applicant: boss
    • Reason: Boss was 1 zombie, each one killed exit server and enter, 5 players were killed and out, no rules applied, when I stayed, boss and another player no one could kill me and told me to use bhop,And he slays and tells me I use bhop
    • Proof (mandatory):

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  • Ban for 120 minutes are given for players:

    - Retry after received gag, followed by more abuse in chat. (120 minute)

    - Insulting admin or player mother, sister, or insulting god or religions, or attempting to start racist topics (120 minutes)

    - Retry Zombie if the zombie was the only Zombie, First one or The last one (120 minutes)

    - If a player steals ammo from other names, it will be permanently banned!(CHECK IP!)

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  • M~.~ZOMBIMOD~.~R0 [1] killed xander with knife

    ZM~.~ZOMBIMOD~.~R0 [1] killed gang with knife

    [LVL: 21] eL BoDi : b hoop

    [LVL: 21] eL BoDi : gang ?

    ZM~.~ZOMBIMOD~.~R0 [1] killed $$$$abdo$$$soror$$$ with knife

    [LVL: 88] xander : i am goin to report

    me and el bodi see you use bhop if you don't use it i never slay you so stop use bhop and play like normal players

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