[Staff] Boosting Guide

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    Hello Team,

    In-game here's what to do if someone wants to buy VIP/Helper/Admin/Level.

    1- Ask for his/her country.
    2- Check on Please login to see this link. for SMS boost.
    3- If he/she can do with SMS boost, ask us @"Carbon" or @"Chiprizviu" before let him boost. And warn him to dont boost 3x time at the same time because it will be invalid it wil be result of waste money.
    4- If he/she got Paypal, dont let him boost with his paypal. Tell him to contact us so we can guide him.

    Also, for all situations you can ask us, feel free to message :)

    Regarding to All Staff,


    Please login to see this link.Please login to see this link.

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