Hunk_alloc failed on 65640 bytes

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    If someone getting that error, can add these things to launch options for cs 1.6

    -game cstrike -heapsize 200000

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    Changed the title of the thread from “Hunk_alloc on 65640 bytes” to “Hunk_alloc failed on 65640 bytes”.
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    Also this problem can happen If your CS is running in Software mode, check Settings to make sure. If you do, continue reading after the image.

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    To fix this, go to the Settings -> under Video tab -> Renderer and change it to one of these OpenGL (preferred one) or D3D.

    In case this options are missing for you, then you have some missing video drivers. You gotta find what you got Intel, AMD, NVIDIA and install the correct drivers for them. Search youtube for tutorials. How to install video drivers and so...

    In case you can't help it, I can help you, contact me on Discord NezajemSkPlease login to see this link.

    Also you can put Color Quality to 32-bit for better colors.

    Changing settings in Video tab will restart your game. Don't worry it's not gonna break if you don't mess with the Resolution :grinning_squinting_face: If you do, and it breaks, contact me on the Discord.

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