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  • 2. Submitting request

    1. All requests should be posted in correct section

    2. The topic should have the correct prefix for server on which you're requesting unban.

    3. The application should have the following required informations:

    • Nick:ekka
    • Steam ID :STEAM_0:0:520938837 0 00:07 34 0
    • Date when you've got ban:00 : 32 21/09/2021
    • Admin which banned you:Skull
    • Reason for your ban (you can view it on ban information the reason that admin leaved it)
    • Screenshot (you must provide it in topic informations)
    • I dont know what happend bacause my brother was playing.But never mind can you unban me i wenna play and boost<3 <3
  • - | SKull

    Added the Label Accepted

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