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  • Your name: BattoR
    Name of admin(staff): ShaD{O}wS {TITAN}
    Date and time: 15/2/2021 14:28
    Reason of complaint: Admin Abusing (Gagging) I was playing and I kindly asked for some money because I spent it all at the Boss round, I said 'could someone please give me 50k', and he immediately gagged me for 6 minutes. When other people tried confronting him and asked him what was the reason behind the gag he said exactly 'if you want you can go report me at (link for reporting admins)'. He never gave a valid reason on why he did it. After that when I got ungagged I asked him why did he do it and he wouldn't answer. I was really mad and this looked really unfair to me so I called him a r*tard which I kind of understand. Immediately after that he gagged me for 6 minutes, which for his defense, he did it because I was being rude. Once I got ungagged, Ragnar who is another Admin told me that I got gagged because I was rude. 5 seconds after that, ShaD{O}wS {TITAN} gagged me for literally no reason again for 1 minute and ungagged me 8 seconds after that, and then, I didn't even have time to react, he gagged me again for another whole 10 minutes. After my 'punishment' I asked him and he never answered. I think that ShaD{O}wS {TITAN} should get demoted/deranked from admin, since he is Admin Abusing and he is toxic in the server. Proof provided is the 1 minute gag since that was all I could take at the time.
    Proof (screenshot or demo):

  • Quote from "BattoR" pid='911' dateline='1613395620'

    Hello First thing i gagged him for 3 mins NOT FOR 6 MINS and when i gagged him he started to say that tell me now why you gagged him First thing he is aruging this is a rule in sv Aruging is not allowed when i gagged buttor that was the sec gag so i gagged him 1 min then edit to 10 mins gag becuse that was Sec time gag i wanna say something the guy who Gag,slay or ban or what ever they hate him they like pepole who see their Falts and dosent do anything thats the truth and Also Thank you @"Carbon" @"Chiprizviu" And if it was my fault Take action on my right

  • Quote from "Maykel" pid='959' dateline='1613450172'

    the first gag was understandable, he gagged you because maybe you spam "give me the money" which is not allowed. In the second gag you insulted him... being rude. and 3rd gag maybe he made a mistake that is why he ungaged u after 8 seconds.

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