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  • Hey, first of all thank you for maintaining the server.

    Changes that would be nice for everyone:

    Problem 1.

    I have noticed that people don't like to play as zombies as they avoid it, and a lot of times free themself.

    solution: Give EXP points to zombies who buy zombies skills to infect others.

    Problem 2.

    Every single time, people vote the same map. Yeah classic maps are nice. I agree. But not all the time.

    Solution: change to new maps often, so that people feel that they are experiencing something new.

    Problem 3. If humans level up and get stronger, then why do zombies keep staying weak?

    solution: buff zombies of greater levels. or something like that.

    Problem 4. Levelling up after level 40 is extremely hard. so hard that it makes u wanna quit the game. As a human, you have powerless guns and as zombies, you get so much knockback that u cant kill anyone.

    Solution: Give a little bit powerful guns, and maybe introduce a new zombie that can pull the human close.

    [question] if you computer gets formatted do you lose your progress forever?

    I hope you solve these problems. Even 1 problem solved will make a massive difference. thanks.

  • I agree, it is going to be much better if zombies get more stronger. So humans also will have to hide and not rush out :grinning_squinting_face:

    To be more specefic, make it looks like Zombie The Hero :smiling_face:

    Join me : Youtube -->    Please login to see this link.

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    Youtube -->    Please login to see this link.

    Discord -->   m4m3tssPlease login to see this link.

                 Whatsup --> +213779345448

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    • Official Post

    that problem number 4, we already make a event (quest) and a bonus for killing last human, survivor and boss

    about buffing zombie, we will think about it

    and no u will not lose your progress if ur pc is error or something, because it's all saved in ur nickname so u just need to log in to ur nickname

  • dang, it will be very hard 😂

    One attack and infected

    And I agree about buffing zombies. Like it has Evolution to increase its health/stats

  • Carbon

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