Unban request

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    • Nickname: LuTRiJaJ
    • Your ip :Please login to see this link.
    • The reason of ban:Toxic to another admin and i apologize
    • Admin who banned you:Dzejms
    • Proof (screenshot of your console): I dont know how to send screenshoots
      But this is what it says

      [CSOBans] ------------------------------- [CSOBans] --==|| BAN INFO ||==-- [CSOBans] ------------------------------- [CSOBans] Server - [ZOMBIES]+[CSO MOD] [Please login to see this link.] CSOMOD.COM [since 2012] [CSOBans] BanType - IP [CSOBans] TargetIP - [CSOBans] BanTime - 22 : 16 22/01/2022 [CSOBans] UnbanTime - Never ( Permanent Ban ) [CSOBans] BannerName - RCON/Server [CSOBans] ----------------------

      Please guys i really wanna play with my friends im sorry for being toxic but i want to earn another chance i dont wanna be permabanned i enjoy this server a lot
  • I said im sorry and i apologize for being toxic i was mad at the moment i realized i was wrong i really enjoy the server and i wanna play and i promise u wont hear anything bad from me from now on
    Please guys
    I was planning on boosting for vip because i got my monthly payment from work before the ban but if u guys wanna give me another chance i wanna do it now

  • I wanna stream this server on trovo because its too fun when i play with my friends
    I played this server a few years ago
    I was admin on milf zm.busa zombie
    I know how things work and i know people dont get permabanned for swearing at least back then
    but i guess it changed

    • Official Post

    huh, if u was admin on other zombie server, u should know there is a DIFFERENT rules in every server, and u should respect the RULES and not SWEARING, this is what u get for BREAKING RULES for SWEARING and INSULT, anyway i will unban u and u better fix ur behavior and watch ur mouth, or next time there will be no next time

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  • Artic

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