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  • IGN : Obito
    Reported Player : Pixi
    Reason : bhop

    hello, i just wanted to report Pixi for bhoping and refusing to stop after telling him its against rules and kept to say shutup and no but even when i told an admin called delphilizard he basically just told me to shutup i told him but he bhop he just said OK instead of doing his job as admin.

    Note : im just upset cuz i was bhoping when i joined the server first time and i didn't know that it was against rules but i just get slay without even warning now i stopped.

    Demo link : Please login to see this link.

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  • Hello Obito,

    Im sorry to hear that you got slayed for bhoping without warning, you can do report if you like. Also i wanted to say thank you for the report, i will keep an eye for Pixi and see if he still bhop and i will take care of him.

    However, i cant watch the video so i cant see if Staff member, "Delephilizard" was online and didnt do anything.

    @"Carbon" please take a look at the video.

    Please login to see this picture.Please login to see this picture.

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