admin complaint

    • Nick:killmaster
    • Nick applicant: kitos
    • Reason: slay me for no reason
    • Proof (mandatory):
    • DFTFGFG-J (RADIO): Fire in the hole!
      *** 'THE MONSTER' killed souper sayan with a headshot from sg550 ***
      ZM~.~CSOMOD~.~C0M [7] connected
      ZM~.~CSOMOD~.~C0M [7] is joining the Terrorist force
      ADMIN Kitos: slay killmaster
      ZM~.~CSOMOD~.~C0M [6] (RADIO): Fire in the hole!
      adamo killed GamerGirl with mg3
      GamerGirl (RADIO): Fire in the hole!
      Netrtry =) droppe
      YankoNL killed yousse
    • [ZP] Your ability: [Magical aura] | Button Activation[E]
      Mister Seventeen killed 'THE MONSTER' with knife
      Mister Seventeen killed LOL : D |King| with knife
      [Level:44] [Moderator] killmaster : why u slay me ???
      *** Kaneki killed laikoud plaza turbo with a headshot from sg550 ***

    • [Level:44] [Moderator] killmaster : kitos why u slay me for no reason
      [Level:44] [Moderator] killmaster : ?
      salah DZ (RADIO): Fire in the hole!
      salah DZ (RADIO): Fire in the hole!
      [Level:79] [Helper] LOL : D |King| : soul or kitos ?>
      Level:44] [Moderator] killmaster : kitos
    • [Level:79] [Helper] LOL : D |King| : no reason ?>
      adamo killed salah DZ with m
  • Hi Killmaster,

    Thanks for this support.

    Do you have any other copy of the chat, instead of where he did slay you? That you have any proof that he slayed you for no reason? because what i see in this chat is that he did not respond to you. But what happend above that slay command is not posted.

    We will listen his side of the story to.

    Kind regards,

    Soul Revenge

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