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  • 1. Game name: DZ VINNY 4444
    2. Real name: ahmed
    3. Age: 19yrs
    4. Link hours played: Please login to see this link.
    5. Have you read the rules ?: ZOMBIECSO
    6. Why do you think you deserve Admin ?: I have over 5 years experience in Russian CSO. I have been playing in this server since Sept,2020 and I'm well know in the server. I was Admin over 2 weeks. Actually since 22nd Jan,2021.
    7. 5 AMXX commands: amx_who, amx_nick <current name> <new name>, amx_kickmenu, amx_gagmenu, amx_vote <Question> <Answer 1> <Answer 2>(Pls fix or add again the vote command :D)
    8. Hours played daily: Anywhere from 2-4 hours a day. Depends on the schedule I have.
    9. Describe yourself in 5 words: Good, Respectful, Positive, Combative, Reliable.
    10. Rank you have: slot
    11. Rank you want:Moderator

    Knowing that my pagerank has been reduced from moderator to slot

  • You cannot jump from slot to super moderator. You have a contra for me for not talking when anyone talks to you. And if you don't know good english why you need admin?

    GOD ZM.CSOMOD.COM / Please login to see this link.

    Please login to see this link.

  • It is true that I do not speak English very well, but within the limits of Mughal, but if I were aware of the rules relating to golden weapons, the problem would not have happened.


    1.Basic Rules:
    - Respect all Players.
    - All rules applied on players are applied on VIP or GOLD Players.
    - Teaming between Human and Zombie even both of you are VIP or GOLD not allowed.

    - Giving VIP or GOLD Items to Players not allowed ( WARNING then REMOVE ).
    - Giving VIP or GOLD Items to VIP or GOLD are allowed.
    - You cant ask admin to slay player who stole your VIP or GOLD Item because its your fault not player fault.
    - Using Bugs with VIP or GOLD Items like shooting rocket jetpack then switch to weapon BUG ( WARNING then REMOVE ).

    * REMOVE = remove permanently (you can buy it again after 2 weeks)
    * This Thread can be Edited By other Staff

    Read the rules well and do not rush to the end. You did not have the right to kick me, knowing that you killed me
    In the end, Kelana, we did not benefit from anything, it was a misunderstanding due to your recklessness

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