Admin report: ShaD{O}wS {TITAN}

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    • Your name: HQ Martin
    • Name of admin(staff): ShaD{O}wS {TITAN}
    • Date and time: 2021-03-08 (~8:00 AM)
    • Reason of complaint: Well first I was slayed and muted (because I was arguing that it's not againts the rules) for "using bhop scripts" that happened yesterday, I just didn't have screenshots of it. The thing is that I'm using double jump to bhop and I read the rules and I did not see that it's not allowed to do that, and today I was slayed and banned for it, so it's a ban for nothing. So I'm beeing abused by him second day in a row.
    • Proof (screenshot or demo): Please login to see this link. Please login to see this link.
  • Quote from "HQMartin" pid='2517' dateline='1615184276'

    First think i warned you to stop bhoping any kind of BHOPING IS NOT ALLOWED SO I GIVED YOU 2 CHANSES first time i warned you and seconde time i warned you then you bhoped again and i slayed you and another time you bhopped and i baneed you for 30 mins So pleas bhoping is not allowed And if i was not right Owners and modreators you can remove me if i was wrong


    Quote from "HQMartin" pid='2517' dateline='1615184276'
    • And you are still bhoping until now
  • Yes I am, and if you have read the rules it does NOT say you can't bhop, you just can't use bhop scripts. And how it's bhoping when I'm jumping 2 times and landing on the ground and then jumping 2 times again, so you need to delete 2x jumping if it's that is not allowed:)

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