Suggestion to add a rule again

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  • I suggest to add this rule again, the zombie can't target only one human.

    So why?

    What happened to me was really annoying, im really sorry because i dont have the demo but this is what happened :

    The player ( haxor ) got a boss, and he didn't kill any player also he start chasing only "ME" for no reason, so after a 2 minutes chase he finally killed me, then he died by other humans...

    Im sure no one will agree, but at least add the rule again with some changes, like if the zombie was chasing the human for a normal reason, like the human has op weapon it will be fine, but if zombie chase a human for no reason at all, just to made him mad, i mean the zombie ignore afk people and other players just to chase someone for no reason just to waste time, that really annoying.....

    Also, i suggest to remove the map "zm_alive_house".

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  • Kabo!om

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