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  • 1. Game name: Kaneki
    2. Real name: Mihai
    3. Age: 14
    4. Link hours played: The server reseted I don't remember how much hpurs I have. But I will send the current server's Gametracker link. Please login to see this link.
    5. Have you read the rules ?: zombiecso
    6. Why do you think you deserve Upgrade?: Because I am staying with moderator for more than 1 week and I am very active on the server, doing my work as moderator.
    7. 5 AMXX commands: amx_gag, amx_last, amx_votemapmenu, amx_kick, amx_banmenu, amx_kickmenu, amx_slapmenu, amxmodmenu.
    8. Hours played daily:5-6+
    9. Describe yourself in 5 words: Cool, Hard-Worker, Responsitive, helper.
    10. Rank you have: Moderator
    11. Rank you want: Super Moderator, or even Co-Owner.

    GOD ZM.CSOMOD.COM / Please login to see this link.

    Please login to see this link.

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