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  • Hello, @"soul revenge"
    Excuse me, I wanted to tell you what he said. (come on trash, he doesn't know how to play)


  • Hai ca trash = it's not that trash.

    Nu știe el sa joace = He doesn't know how to play.

    Translated from romanian. I am romanian nationality, so my translate is better than "google translate". And AsaCuMine why are you so offended, you didn't make a screenshot about that, I was there and I know but we were just us who are seen in that screenshot. (Soul, Kaneki, AsaCaMine), there were more players but not that active in chat.
    He didn't call soul "trash".

    Read carefully ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    GOD ZM.CSOMOD.COM / Please login to see this link.

    Please login to see this link.

  • @"Kaneki"

    Before i made this report, i did ask a "Owner" what this means and then he told me what he meant with it "He is romanian to" btw that guy can talk perfect english but he choosed to say that in Romanian language and when i argue with him about it then he can say "that i am not a child". Like you i have my own opinion and i am free to say my opinion like you. This wont give you the right to talk like that in Romanian language, if i have my opinion.

    What he did say got confirmed by an owner "Romanian". i`ve done my homework already before making this thread.

    Kind regards,

    Soul Revenge

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