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  • 1. Game name: Mr.Vayne
    2. Real name: Enver
    3. Age: 17
    4. Link hours played: I had over 150hrs, but since there is new IP so I have no hrs now.
    5. Have you read the rules ?: ZOMBIECSO
    6. Why do you think you deserve Admin ?: I was Moderator, with flags that i could add Admins. Plus i had over 1month it that position/rank. Im well known in the server. I am playing here since late Sept.2020.
    7. 5 AMXX commands: amx_nick<current name> <new name>; amx_who; amx_votemapmenu; amx_gag Please login to see this link. time(secs) reason; amx_slap Please login to see this link./nick time(secs) 0;
    8. Hours played daily: 2-4h depends on my schedule.Can be more, can be less.
    9. Describe yourself in 5 words: Trustworthy, Social, Kind, Mindful, Respectful
    10. Rank you have: Admin
    11. Rank you want: Moderator

    I was Moderator even before the server was shut. I haven't played since then till today, when i found out that the server has new IP. I joined and all welcomed me for which im greatful, but i saw my position/rank was demoted. It's not my problem the server was shut, so its unfair to lose my rank. I just had reached a peek in my flags. Could add Admins, Ban and others. Now im demoted i will still play, but lets see whether i get upgraded or not! Ty for the attention.

  • Pro! The flag for add_admin is a problem, but no one will use it if they have good motivation to remain staff(not allowed for sure).

    And welcome back.

    GOD ZM.CSOMOD.COM / Please login to see this link.

    Please login to see this link.

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