We need support for buy licensed forum software!

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    Hello everyone,

    Due to some feedbacks regarding forum i decided to order a Woltlab or Xenforo license and use it.
    (* We will never use any kind of nulled/warez/pirated software as our forum software)
    So that I need some help to collect the amount to order the license. Some of you may know some of you may not know how much im spending monthly to make this community alive with my 2 server. I will explain below my monthly payments for this community;

    CSO Please login to see this link. + CSO Please login to see this link. Server Hosting = 14€+14€ = 28€ monthly.
    CSO Please login to see this link. + CSO Please login to see this link. Data Storage Server (mySQL) + FastDL Server (Cloud Server) = 5€ monthly.
    CSOMOD.COM Forum WebHosting (Cloud Server) = 18$/15€ monthly.

    Shortly, for my 2 server + forum I'm paying 48€ monthly with everything. I can't pay everything alone so i need some help to order forum license to make our forums looks like a real forum.

    You can send whatever amount as you want to our Paypal account (1€-5€-10€-20€-50€)

    Our Paypal Account : Please login to see this link.

    (Make sure you sending us amount with using to friends/family option for not Paypal fee's/commision)

    :arrow: Once we collect the money, i will order a forum license and i'll migrate our currently forum to it.

    PayPal Target -> 60€
    Collected Amount -> 5€
    Totally : 55€ left for reach our target

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