request helper (YOUN)

  • 1. Nickname: YOUN
    2. Age : 16
    3. Country: Morocco
    4. How much time you can spend in the server ( per day - average ) : 2-4 hours ( It depends on my schedule and on my work time)
    5. Link of hours you played on server on link (minimum 50): Please login to see this link.
    6. Reason that you want to be a Helper: Well, the actual reason is i want to help people from my country that dont undesrstand english very good, I used to play CSO servers a lot and I never played that much in any server like this one. So, i want to let the new players enjoy the server like I used to do, and I wanted to be the resaon of their hapiness. I'm active and respectful. I can say that my english is good aswell

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