Aplly helper

    • [font][font]Apodo:M7md4Games[/font][/font]
    • [font][font]Edad: 15[/font][/font]
    • [font][font]País: Venezuela[/font][/font]
    • [font][font]Cuánto tiempo puede pasar en el servidor (por día - promedio): 12:00Am 12:00Pm Well I'm going to pay for my days of inactivity, I'll spend all day and night connected, as long as my internet helps me[/font][/font]
    • [font][font]Enlace de las horas que jugó en el servidor en el enlace gametracker.com (mínimo 50 h): Please login to see this link.[/font][/font]
    • [font][font]Razón por la que quieres ser ayudante: Well fuy helper I did not help you much but if I collaborated a little, for which I did not show my best effort because my pc was damaged :([/font][/font]
    • Official Post


    You can make 1 request per a week. I just accepted your Slot request few mins ago.

    Also for after 7 days fix your activity you wont get accepted with that graph.

    Please login to see this picture.

    Please login to see this link.Please login to see this link.

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