Report Admin : haxor

  • Well to all managers here! this kid don't know what admin responsability so make a good decision! it's not the first time and i just pass his faults!

    this kid remove my jumps everytime i join and find him in server!
    4 TIMES NOW!!!!

    He don't know what is bhop and he just destroying my jumps because i jump on stairs to get up quickly!
    ( [NoJump] From haxor. Countdown [30] minute(s) )

    ' If Unlimited Jumps is bhop remove this jumps for all server and let us live the pain, don't let this guy remove my jumps in front of 31 player '

    Teach him what is bhop or remove his grade! he have no idea what he have! i think he hate me that's why he do that!
    and if this kiddo think i'm really bhoping! i'll be happy if i see my DEMO BHOPING!
    [ When i said the truth he GAG ME for 5MINUTES TOO ]


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  • Note: Reports without any proof will be rejected.

    You should've followed the form and filled it out, instead of typing some nonsense, also you should've posted your demo, not asking from admins demo.

    haxor. he can send the demo if he wants to, since i don't think it will be needed in this case of reports.

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  • Types of BHOPING with examples of each kind:

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    These examples were made so that everyone can see what is considered BHOP and why you get a punishment.

    Play fairy and enjoy the server!

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  • 2WEi. March 11, 2023 at 8:30 PM

    Closed the thread.

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