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  • I got a few guns for suggestions and my opinion on these guns is that the server will be still playable as being a zombie expect that they'll need a lil nerf.

    1.X Tracker

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    2.Devastator (The rocket damage could be nerfed,same as the ammo,just one clip has 350 bullets)

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    3.Balrog 5

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    4.Magnum Drill (2016-2017 Classic that doesn't even crash at all,pretty simple to code and resource)

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    5.Trinity Grenade (I think that it would be actually useful to add this thing and replace the other grenade,this one also delivers a napalm effect dealing 200-400DMG/s for 5-4 sec)

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    6.Destroyer (We may have enough snipers,but i find this gun pretty good,in CSNZ it deals 1700 to 3k damage along with a boost from the explosive bullets,but i think that we can work on it)

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  • (My opinion)

    1. -1 because it on server before and it crash the server

    2. Neutral there still no have AMX or Source code and i try search for it already (i wanted this gun added too)

    3. -1 we got Barlog-11 Barlog-7 Barlog-3 and Barlog-1 (barlog-1 is still not set dmg or just leave it be like that)

    so i just think we dont need another Barlog

    4. -1 i see many suggestions for Magnum Drill but it similar to Auto-shotgun+Chainsaw with high knockback and it kinda not useful when zombie use madness

    5. -1 this grenade more like for high level first mode similar to Napalm+HE

    Second mode Electric stun for the short time similar to Freeze grenade

    Third mode Knockback i not sure about this would be fair or not

    6. -1 i agree but we already have good snipers like M95 Knight Ghost

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    (1st Picture) Normal Thing in CSO                               

    (2nd Picture) My Favorite Gun

    (3rd Picture) Like to create atmosphere

    (Slogan Of Month) "If you give up even not try it that mean you lost that DREAM"

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