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  • i need my moderator pls i cant gag or kick or ban or slay and i dont have vip skin

    Unknown command: energy132_weapon_crossbow

    [Romania] Nu faceti reclame la alte servere/site-uri - BAN PERMANENT !

    [Level:6] BB : bosver zaman bitti

    Shahd Chan connected

    Requesting tempdecal.wad from server

    Shahd Chan is joining the Terrorist force

    Error: server failed to transmit file 'customization'

    [Level:42] ! GuNNeR ! : why

    [VIP] To open VIP Menu Press -7

    [GOLD] To open GOLD Menu Press -8

    [Level:75] !BRTN! Alperen : fuck you jhon

    [Level:75] !BRTN! Alperen : plss frop my gun\

    Shahd Chan dropped

    Shahd Chan has left the game


    John dropped

    John has left the game

    [Level:107] LOL : D |King| : i want gag you but....

    [Level:75] !BRTN! Alperen : drop

    [ZM.CsoMod.Com] BB left instead of last Zombie.

    [Level:107] LOL : D |King| : i hate my life

    [Level:75] !BRTN! Alperen : lol king jhon stole my gun

    [MUTE-MICROFON] to turn off the microphone of a say /mute players!

    [Level:7] pro : bRTn

    [Level:6] BB : knk simdi gel

    [Level:75] !BRTN! Alperen : yes

    [Level:107] LOL : D |King| : i cant do any thing

    BB killed McDonalds|KawasakiNinja with knife

    [CSO] We need admins! At least 30 hours the Academy is open you can apply on the forum Have fun!

    the forum Have fun!

    Player khald < ADMEN > killed McDonalds|KawasakiNinja with aug

    [Level:7] pro : BRTN

    [Level:75] !BRTN! Alperen : yesw

    [Level:7] pro : pleaze give me gun

    [Level:7] BB : tm herek kalmadi

    SinanBesa killed BB with skull3

    [Level:75] !BRTN! Alperen : not

    'THE MONSTER' killed McDonalds|KawasakiNinja with m134

    [Level:107] LOL : D |King| : i need wait silivl fix that :(

    [Level:75] !BRTN! Alperen : tmm

    [Level:7] pro : ok

    [New IP

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