Fat zombie and more

  • 1.When im played with the fat zombie i found something. I dont if know this is a bug or not but yes.. Im not sure again.

    When they do a lot of damage your screen turns black as it should be for the humans not for me.

    Please login to see this link. watch from 04:00

    I tried thanos from vm menu and checked 2 bugs.

    1. When u use the second mod on the gun and you are the first zombie u can infect someone with the shuricanes or what is there. You can see on 1:45 what i mean on the second demo. - Please login to see this link.

    2. When the round is not started i droped again second mod on the gun and before round is started i can farm money from humans. I lose the demo and cant show what i mean. - I tried on next map but didint work. Maybe is from map or i dont know.

    3. If u havent bullets 0/90 and fast press RIGHT button for second mod u can use it and without bullets. Havent demo and for that.

    If you want to test it and to show demo PM me.

    Please login to see this link.

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  • We will check Fat Zombie for whats wrong with it,

    Thanatos-5 removed also due to too much issues on server. Instead of that, im added Thanatos-3

    Please login to see this link.Please login to see this link.

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