Report ShaD { O } wS { TITAN }

    • Your name: savage
    • Name of admin(staff): ShaD { O } wS { TITAN }
    • Date and time: 5/3/2021 9.46PM
    • Reason of complaint: what, reason "annyoing" check logs, sorry i dont tell nothing just i talk for mad boy to joking, and ShaD { O } wS { TITAN } starting to fight with me, Warning 1/3 me, and says dont be annoying and Gag In the end, Banned :exclamation:
    • Proof (screenshot or demo): I closed my "CS" faster and i have problem for "screenshot"
  • i see u jealous on ShaD{O}wS {TITAN} and u start annoying him with "dont care for a helper this shadow can rejected you!! but get other server zm and you can get admin hahaha" and u say this "if you have 300 euro for buy co-owner you can demoted shadow as well hahah" for that i will give u warn to stop annoying people on server specially ADMINS or HIGH RANK ADMINS or you will be banned on server permanent, remember this is ur last warn

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    Closed the thread.

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