• Well about tournaments... Its about vips ,slots,helpers itc... I've seen alot of players ( vips,slots) getting dissappointed cuz they can't play the tournaments... I think we should make special tournaments for them mostly for lvls but it needs to be scheduled and organizated. If its 1 tournament per week then 3 lvls reward. If its 2-3 tournaments per week then the reward should be 1 lvl, or you could let us ( vips , slots, helpers) play with the normal players thats not really recomended cuz vips and slots have special abilities thats gonne help them win it easier. So maybe make scheduled tournaments for vips slots and helpers highly recomended for lvls.

  • I believe the tournament is already too powerful, I suggest we lowered it to 1 level, or Instead of 3 levels it should be 10,000 exp or something like that. @"Carbon"

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  • That sound even better... Lower the rewards on 10k exp for normal players and make staff tournament for 10k exp reward ... i got couple ideas for tournament gonne make suggestons later...

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  • I have few points to mention:
    1. I suppose the purpose of making tournaments not available for staff is that naturaly staff are better players, if you see the SLOT, Helper, ADMIN even if the player have one of these and still not VIP he still can fight and infect better than regular players. Because of this He still can’t participate, as I said staff are naturally better than regular players.
    2. If the decision also was made to let all but VIP participate then it could be because of the advantages the VIP player has such as 2 jumps, 200 armor, more damage, etc... But this is only for human VIP as I see, As for Zombie VIP I don’t see any difference between VIP and others, I know Tesla is the difference here but Tesla isn’t that strong and most VIP players don’t choose it.
    3. I think too that 3 levels are too much, and also 1 level could make problems, for example: player who is level 77 and has 15900/16000 exp, and he won the tournament at this point, then he will be given 1 level which is actually 100 exp, and that’s completely not worth it, so I suggest to give exp instead of levels, something like 10,000 - 15,000 exp.

    Last thing I would like to say that I some how see why Moderators made it as VIP can’t participate and also staff team, because I personally pretty sure that I can win the tournament as human or as zombie, it’s not ego but that’s a truth, as well as for other VIP’s too.

    I won’t make a topic for this, but as a solution I suggest to make tournaments for VIP’s only too. Not money tournaments but only level tournaments.

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    i think it's no need, just make staff and vip can't join tournament and then make the reward be 2x from non staff/non vip reward, or make the tournament be 2 section, the first tournament for the normal player then make it for staff and vip too

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    VIP's are op enaugh to as they make players leave server so i dont think special tournaments for them. Also i think they dont need that since every round gettinf 200 armor and 2x jump theyre easly level up. Tournaments aim is make opportunity to players.

    I will think about level decrease.

    Also @"KULL MEN"

    As i see you are not voting server daily, you wont be able to get upgrade with this way.

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