Balance human/zombie

  • 1.Reduce health limit for human(3k its too much) We already have 100-150hp per kill *max ~1.5k hp and limit 6-10(now its 15)*

    2. Reduce armor limit and change to 75(now 100) limit 5-6
    3. Change health limit for zombie as surv round(max 2-3) and if it possible change left/right click damage(left -15 and right-60 in surv round). Playing as survivor is sad...
    4. Change knockback for boss(global or only in boss round). Boss has high knockback and if it possible change hp limit for humans(1k max) only in boss round
    5. Increase jump bombs for zombie (10,but add cd 2-4seconds) cd=fix spamming bombs...
    6. Need fix knockback for plasma,gung,cerber if it possible(or global for all wpn) *its impossible to move as zm , because at respawn there is always a line from gung(+ humans shoot with plasma,cerb etc)..Gung and plasma have priority to fix,if it possible ofc
    7.Change damage for "OP" wpn(cerb,gung,plasma etc).Its unplayable as zombie in most maps(humans have gung,2x cerb,3+ plasma) Zombie just die after 2-4 sec on all popular maps OR add shield for zm(1-2s)after respawn... I think this is the main reason why zombies afk or hide
    8.About respawn when player zm...You can respawn as human only after 2 infections( Most player fast die as zm and respawning human...or just *fake afk* ) idk its possible or no

    or just tell me "its sv for human" gl

  • 1. -1 tesla zombie deal a lot of damage, also its really hard to survive as last human and maybe impossible without gungnir, also the boss can kill the human so easly.

    2. -1 the zombie can break all the human armor so easly with knife blinks, also the snarks will be so broken ability if we reduce the armor limit.

    3. i agree for changing the zombie hp limite from (10) to (5-6) per round (2-3) to much, and for the zombie damage it will be better if the survivor get Health buff or disable (VIP) menu and hp buy for the survivor round. (i already did a suggestion to double survivor hp).

    4. -1 boss can counter knock backs with his jump skill (its just about the player control), it doesn't if the human can buy a lot of hp, the boss still can one shot him,boss deal (500-2500) with right clicks.

    5. -1 it will be annoying if the zombie can buy 10 jump bombs, even there is cooldown so he can't spam, but its still unplayable for the human if multi zombies start using it.

    6. -1for my opinion the cerb is the only gun should get knock backs nerf, zombie can buy 6 madness per round, also invisible,knife blinks...(etc) so he can counter the humans weapons

    7. -1 again the zombie has 6 madness per round, also the gungnir and cerb should be like this because to earn it you need at least lvl 120++ , and for the plasma i did a suggestion to Increase the level to 100 and they didnt accept it, by the way the cerb limite (2) not 3, also the gungnir limite (1) not (2), and about the shield, the zombie already have shield for 2 seconds i think after the respawn! maybe Increase it to 3 or 4 seconds.

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