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    • Your name:T0'x!N
    • Name of admin(staff): Fus1on [v]/ Abyss on forum profile
    • Date and time:10/2/2023 ~11 pm
    • Reason of complaint:Swearing in the 1st round as seen in the chats and banned me without telling me that water strafing is not allowed,he gave a warning to lobby for water strafing and later disabled his jumps for bhoping on steps but when i joined and started water strafing he straight up banned me i didnt know that it was not allowed
    • Proof (screenshot or demo):Please login to see this link.

    Please login to see this link.

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  • You were crying into my banlist for not punishing iaMxLobbY, i warned him since i didn't see the list, when i saw i punished him immediatly.

    Now onto you, firstly off time stamp 14:04 letting humans run literally 2 metters in front of you, now onto the water strafing time stamp starting 14:54 jumped into the water and started strafing immediatly to gain more speed time stamp 15:02 spectated you from third person to make sure you were breaking the rules, and of course you did bhopping in the water aka strafing and gaining speed, and no you didnt stop after that you countinued doing it all the way till 15:23. Firsly make sure you didnt break any rules before false reporting admins.

    Edit: You were punished multiple times for bhopping, not only by me but also by other admins, and you never listened, now you decided to act victim and try to get admin removed for doing their job Please login to see this attachment.

    Please login to see this link.

  • There is nothing much to say when the whole staff is indulging in favoritism,never saw that water ONLY strafing isnt allowed,and then completely ignoring him swearing and expressing a full fledged toxic behaviour in chats?

    Please login to see this link.

  • How come you didnt report the admin when you were fairly punished for teamming, but you did to me? Someone has some problem with me, and wants me removed.

    Also if you are thinking about me swearing i did in admin chat, everyone does it there, so how come i can't do it all of a sudden?

    Please login to see this link.

  • Was about to report Basehead for banning me for teaming with HAMMAD but assuming you guys have eyes HAMMAD was the one abstaining from attacking me i never did team with him,Here is the demo>(Please login to see this link.) and if thats how it goes then ban everyone on the server including the afks as the afks are not attacking the players because they are teaming vice versa.HAMMAD restrained from attacking me while i was attacking him is it my problem that he does not want to attack me? but after seeing this convo seems like there is no point,as there is an evident case of favoritism booming between the staff.

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  • lmao giving u a chance and listen to you is a waste of time

    if u wasn't teaming with HAMMAD could've easilly told him to attack you and it's you guys fault

    u got punished the way u deserve

    Solved !

    Blood_Bandit is here

    My yt channel:Please login to see this link.

    Like and sub :smiling_face:

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