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  • Hello everyone, it's too long that i didn't create a thread here but today subject is important to CSO Community, CSO future..

    Well, i notice those days that server make me bored because it look's the same thing we do always! kill zombies, infect humans with easy way's. and i just came here to share you me feelings if you are really CSO players!
    i'am a player of CSO mod since 2012 server, most of players won't know this but who remmember will agree with me!
    - Old player, focus with me :
    Don't you think that CSO new mod isn't like old? where we was all friends! all doing team work! all happy! everything was logic!
    We was very happy to be together in one spot fighting zombies with M400, Ak-Long and Freeze,Fire bombs? no more! everyone take his kill and his own exp with just team work! where was VIP'S as normal players! brothers helping each other. No op guns that can make VIP/High level player steal kills of many new,newbie players want to be on top like this VIP/High level player!
    Don't you think we should go back to this old days and make everything lovely,funny,happy TOGETHER?

    Just make it logic! how can new player fight with a pistol while others using gung,cerb,chainsaw and idk what is (the heart throwing gun)! i know that everyone was in 0 lvl too but let's make it in good way!
    Now everything is limited! Jump,Fire,Frozen,He,Shock bombs!!! Armor!!! Guns!!! Can you tell me how someone can get cerb while good players using binds to get it first! Can you tell me how you want zombies infect humans in high maps while you make all zombie menu limited? Can you tell me how you want zombies infect humans while you make 9k for fast zombie and 50 ammo of plasma gun can destroy all this 9k!!!!? there's no logic guys just focus good!
    i'm talking about new players who didn't join with us in old times 2021-2022-2023! there's much details i can't tell everything here but i'll give a good example to New players to make the final vote! hope you too watch it!
    - New Players, see how it was really good times :
    Well, There's too much examples i'll give you names if you want to check :
    [ZOMBIES CSO MOD of cTm, Modrea, Carbon (Old times), MaTThias...]

    Just believe me if you really think of it [ TALKING TO EVERYONE ON CSO COMMUNITY ]

    Maybe we can get old real players to have fun with us if they see that decision. think alot before reply! hope you'll be with me anyway! don't think just in fast farming level! you'll get the level and you get bored! so think about your happiness in game and your second familly where you can be chill with them :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :red_heart:

    Your friend, reed.0ff


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  • The goal of this mod is to infect/kill humans , or kill all zombies to conclude the round , your kill stealing statement makes no sense , like do u want each zombie to be only killed by one Human that is shooting it , you simply shoot and try to kill as many zombies as possible to win the round. The limits on extra items were brought so that Humans are not too op , if the limitations were removed you wouldn't be able to kill them at all , same as the Zombies. Weapon binding is not allowed and anyone that gets caught is punished accordingly. As for the current guns that are "op" , we cant remove them since our current playerbase are too used to them and there is no space to make such drastic changes. It seems to me that you're just bored and also got a little bit too nostalgic.

  • I like the idea, also brings back the old memories, would be hard to do all this, but it's worth giving it a shot, also it would bring more players for sure, and the guil,m400 & chainsaw and those old maps, it seems to good to be true, but let's see Carbon's opinion on this.

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  • Kabo!om March 11, 2023 at 3:03 PM

    Closed the thread.

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