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  • i said this kid gonna start to annoying us after i gag u for spamming

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    Time Stamps

    - 6:55 beg - here you start to beg for me to let u bhop on arabic

    - 11:58 - bhop

    - 12:18 - arguing with staff

    - 20:17 - spam

  • tosa

    Closed the thread.
  • tosa

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    As you did not specify the reason of the complaint, I assume that it pertains to an alleged insult. However, as a native Arabic speaker, I can confirm that the sentence upon which the complaint is based translates to "this kid is starting to annoy us", which in my opinion is not necessarily an insult.

    Therefore, I believe this report is flawed and cannot be upheld.

    Additionally, I have reviewed the accusations made by Nemesis in their response and found them to be accurate. Please be mindful of the rules going forward to avoid further consequences.

    Thank you for your understanding. This thread is now closed and resolved.

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