mad boy - report

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    • Your name: Hadzije - prostakusa
    • Name of cheater (player) : mad boy
    • Date and time: 05/05/2021 - 23:30 GMT +2
    • Reason of complaint: constantly annoying,begging for money for most of the time he spends on server,and for the reason I'm making a thread - he false accused ZEROUAL (Helper) of teaming threatening him with rank loss.
    • Proof (screenshot or demo): I will link a demo file of the map he accused ZEROUAL with teaming and with that his "money" spam as well.

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    first things first:

    To be honest, I reviewed all the demo from start to finish and I can clearly say that:

    Vip: Hadzije - prostakusa

    Help: ZEROUAL

    where not teaming.



    asked once or twice in the demo so clearly that was not abused for this case .

    so for me it will be neutral in this case cause no teaming and no abusing chat for money.

  • I saw the Demo And both of you ZEROUAL AND Hadzije - prostakusa --- Where Teaming together

    Both of you will get Punished And ZEROUAL is one of STAFF TEAM Pleas   Carbon

    Artic Decide What you want to give him a chance or getting him suspended for teaming

    Carbon Pleas close the thread

    I will take the punishment as I do not want to argue with staff members,but I just want to prove my thread.
    The only sign of teaming was on 11:20:00 on the demo I linked. He just chose to ignore me that time without a particular reason.I do not consider that teaming as he continued to attack me later that round which is seen on the demo.Thank you for your review and reply.

    Kind regards!Please login to see this link.

    Please login to see this link.

  • I wanted to leave him the last target and kill him, and killed him at the end.MAD BOY is a littel boy who wanted to kill HADZIJE-prostakusa because I killed him.He always asks me for weapons and money and I always give him when i have money.Please forgive me if i am wrong.We are not littel boys to make this a big issue-with regards


  • There was actually many situations I encountered with this guy before
    Now I'm not trying to complain or anything but I'm here to point out my side as well

    When I was playing in the server, and there was a tournament going on, he would always say "k" or whatever else he said, or just full on become toxic when I or some other people kill him in game. It's really annoying, and it gets to a point the game becomes absolutely depressing with this "mad boy" around, always trying to make a big deal out of everything.
    Admins/Helpers and other Mods had warned him, but it seems there was no effect. Plus I'll say this to you admins and mods, DO NOT, TRUST HIM, WITH HIM SAYING "i have good behaviour now", HE WONT AND HE WILL RESUME BACK ON BEING TOXIC.

    I thought I should give my side of the story as well since I also saw this happen before.

    Please login to see this attachment.(OnlyMike) ただマイク
    Remember one thing, always have fun in games! ^ _ ^

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    Closed the thread.

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